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The Aligned Education Foundation (AEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The AEF is a private foundation and its primary donor is Aligned Mortgage. The purpose of the AEF is to educate Veterans on their VA Home Loan benefits, provide financial readiness workshops, and connect them with other organizations that will assist them on their journey to homeownership and financial freedom. The AEF does not endorse or promote any commercial supplier, product, or service.

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We are a group of Retired and Prior-Service Military Veterans dedicated to serving our Military and Veteran community. Using the incredible connection power of our active and retired network, we connect our clients to real Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who share our passion for supporting the troops. We lived it ourselves and learned how to fill in the gaps – and we want to share that knowledge. 

  1. Network of Connectors:  Our liaisons link members of the military community with service organizations that are vetted to address the specific needs of that client

  2. AEF briefings are provided at no cost to the client or the installation and are designed to complement – not replace – existing transition courses

  3. Our liaisons provide real-time updates as they unfold to keep briefings timely and topical.



Director of Military Relations, US Army Veteran, Military Spouse

Jose Luis Romero

Military Relations Manager,
US Marine (Ret)

Ricardo Pacheco

Community Relations Manager,
US Army (Ret)

OUR Educators

Tony Dias

Marine Veteran

Adam Larimer

VA Home Loan Educator,
Navy Veteran

Scott McElroy

VA Home Loan Educator,
USAF Veteran, Military Spouse